I remember, once one of my customers asked me a question quoting, ‘You’re doing a solo proprietorship. Most of them break down in such early stages because of the pressure. How are YOU still alive at this point? Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you in your darkest stage of your life?’

Whatever he quoted, he was correct in every point. Whoever started with me, disappeared. Some of them either got into debt so much that they ripped everybody off, or they had to hire someone to keep their financial records in check. And then there’s me, having nothing in common. And now, i think i can answer that question with all of my feelings merged.

How am i still alive at this point? There are a lot of rumours in the black market, saying Legendary Baka has a ghost partner, Legendary Baka is dead, things like this, all the time. I am alive because I want to be alive. Those who started with me got under the pressure of the strong, while that’s true that weak has no place in this goddamned world, yet no one can stop you if you show them equal pressure.

I remember thes quotes only when I am not feeling right. Either I’m going through a dangerous loss right now, or I’m heartbroken, or I’m just feeling like everybody has betrayed me. But either way, feelings don’t matter when you have the resolve of a Monster.

I’m going through a huge loss right now, business just fucked up like always and it just gives me enormous pressure to be in. How strange it is, when there’s such a huge demand yet no one is supplying because they’re scared. Yes, scared. What a weird world. A huge pressure comes when the only supplier left is me, everybody just traps me in a never ending stage where they offer a huge amount for such hard tasks. I feel like I’m trapped yet I’m still alive and kickin. I question myself just how, yet I get no answer.

What do you do when you are under such an enormous pressure? Do you cry? Because I feel like crying, really I haven’t cried in so many years, yet I feel like crying because of such a small situation. I wonder what’s wrong with me.

I never wanted to write these down, yet here I am. What do you do when you have no one to tell these problems to? Do you keep that to yourself or do you shout it out on people? I don’t. Because i know how this goddamned world works, and how i should stay.

Its okay, I will show them. I will show them all!

Fortune sides with those who dares


Honestly, I’m falling in debt now. Most of my people are the same, honestly by Gods grace I am so well right now, but my mind is not sane. I can’t even tell anyone how I feel, that is the disadvantage of business minded people, is that they are alone in their own way. Honestly, I am destroyed right now. But, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow and maybe not the next month, but I promise you, I will show them all.

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