There are a thousand places to look forward to in your life, yet there is a strange phenomenon which induces humans to look back at their life and see (only) the miserable moments of your life. It’s hilarious but it is true.

Why is your head down? You used to laugh a lot, why are you silent now? Is it because of the recent traumatic experiences you are facing? Recent times have been so bad you have changed your identity because of the experiences? Have you really forgotten who you really are? If yes, then let me remind you again.

Humans. Good and bad both, but current generation is all about jealousy and fame. Some want to polish their silver, some want to throw you down with jealousy, some come together who are hungry for fame, some come wanting to move forward with YOUR name. This is nothing but who people really are. Just wanting everything that we have and move forward. Are you so weak that you can’t even see it? No, you aren’t. I know the potential in you, yet you don’t see it yourself. You don’t use it to the extent where you are the greatest.

Don’t be discouraged. The trouble keeps on coming, my friend. It does not stop, just like the clock in your room. The way you are walking, you should be the greatest the world has ever seen.

When the trouble brews up, people panic, they get anxiety attacks and they make their life miserable. You are not one of them, Some even say, even God is doing nothing. You think whatever you are doing in the situation is right, despite what the world says. I agree, because I have been there. Nothing feels right or wrong, that is the EXACT point where you let your emotions take over and lose your temper. Emotions are NOT good for taking over in situations where they should not. You should be right, yet everybody deems you wrong. That is the emotions taking over.

You have come such a long a way, yet you think about what the society will think? We are adults now, we NEED to grow up now. Just remember how many opportunities you lost just because you thought that the society will judge you? I remember mine, they are over a hundred. The society doesn’t even give a shit to what you do, just remember this. They would be jealous of you when you are doing great. Don’t let this be a discouragement to you! Think of it like this: They are jealous, and it is an achievement, because what you are having, they cannot have in their lifetime! Don’t you feel proud when you think like this? I feel proud that my friends are prospering so much!

I’m just the man who lives in your phone. But just know, that this man exists on the other side of your world, and this man is proud of you. If you are here with me, then you cannot stop pushing forward. Until the end, stay strong! No one can stop you from where you are going.

If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further along in life than most people.

Forgive your younger self, Believe in your current self, Create your future self!

If you don’t believe that you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are truly capable of.

You are not the only one who is having a bad day, there are millions or even billions of people who are having hundred times more trauma than you! Despite, you should consider yourself lucky that you have such a life, thank God that you are such a beautiful person! Put in the best category for the best!

The author of this blog might be having a tough time, but he learnt how to live with depression, jealousy and anger. He might be the one who is having the real issues, but think again, does the world care? You know the answer, then why bother telling them? Same goes with you! Sure, you can tell it all to the person you trust the most in this world, but new friends just don’t connect. Many are just snakes.

There are generations to come. You are disappointed, the world is in misunderstanding. You just be yourself, un-disappoint yourself. But know this, you are not enough. You are far behind most of the people. People will trample you over if you don’t pick up the pace! Get up, outwork yourself. There are hundreds of people who want you to get down, who want you at the rock bottom. Are you so stupid that you will live up to their expectations? Ridiculous. Get up. Those people don’t have the Legendary in their life, considering yourself lucky now GET UP and do what you are meant to do.

Remember, Mama Raised a soldier, not a bitch.

Don’t be scared to follow your guts. People will judge forever, that is their work in life. Don’t fold, make others fold. Look at me, I am not in the same category as you. You are meant for much more than me!

Struggling, he’s tired, emotionally and physically. exhausted. But he is not giving up, because he has a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong!

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