Anger. Just by speaking I can say it is just a term, an emotion inside a human being. An emotion which can save or destroy a person completely depending on how the anger is used and to whom you are against. Anger is triggered due to some trauma, sadness, depression, loneliness and thousands of other factors. You never know a person’s worth until either he is rich or famous OR until he dies. Same goes with anger, you never know the true worth of ANGER until you are just lousy and lazy OR the anger creeps up to your soul and starts consuming you inside out.

There are also two types of person by which anger can be triggered. One is a short tempered person, which 80 percent of the people in the world are. Next comes is a long tempered person, who are the remaining 20 percent. Long tempered people are usually big businessmen, and such who understand how to control anger and emotions and not let it get between the business. Those, who learn to control their anger are the most dangerous people in the planet.

Next comes people with anger AND wealth. You can count me in that category. These type of people are the worst kind of people there can be. Because they have the anger and, with wealth, they can do whatever they want without the consent of any other. But it depends what kind of worst person you become. Either you can use it on drugs, cartel, alcohol and such things just to forget what world looks like in reality, or you can be a one with a business and a bullish personality, or a person with just sex on his mind, or a person with cars on his mind. See, anger and money can make a person from ground to the sky. As I said, I come into this worst kind of category, because I have done so many things I regret that it has made me a person I am not proud of.

You can become everything I mentioned above, or you can become even new generation people, OR you can just become me. I had nobody to mentor me, to teach me how to control my anger or wealth. They both were overflowing, and I was blind. I had to get up myself, because there was nobody to help me up. I had to be my own hero because my parents want me to get up on my own two feet. They left me alone in this situation, and I hold no regrets. You can become me, invest on your health and invest on money to produce more money!

Most of my income goes into my health, GYM, Private Training, Protein, Creatine, Pre Workout, and absolutely NO steroids. I want my body to become natural, with only the essentials with me. Anger, which I have inside me of all the regrets that haunt me every day in my dreams, nightmares. Every single day I wake up with a storm in my head, anger creeping up my soul, turning it from Calm, Charming and a Nice guy to become a monster which I hoped I had never wanted to become. Every day I have so much anger inside me, I needed a way to get it out. As most people would tell me, put the money into Russians and have sex to put out my anger, indeed that is a nice way to put it out, but then there is me. If I can’t control my sexual desires in the time I need myself the most, it will make me a FAILURE. I will fail what I have in mind, if I go in this line. Also, first time sex is the real deal, so why not save the first time for the one who you want to have with xD!

I put out my anger inside the gym. Day in, day out, all my anger turns into power. I spend that power in the gym, taking out the heavyweights. Always thinking about what I couldn’t become JUST BECAUSE OF I WAS SHY. JUST BECAUSE I WAS SCARED WHAT THE PEOPLE WOULD SAY! JUST BECAUSE I WAS SCARED! JUST BECAUSE OF MY OWN WEAKNESS!!

All that anger, ready to rush out from my soul, creeping down to my body parts, each body part is fired up double the power, all the awesome things I rejected due to my own weakness, now the power inside my fists, pouring down on the machines, on myself. Spending all that anger into fitness, every regret rushes inside me the moment I could not lift the bars anymore, and it reminds me I am still a loser, fires up my soul even more so I complete the set.

So you are angry? Take it out on your hustle. Get that shit what you always wanted, pour out all your anger there, because trust me, it will be the best thing you ever did in your whole entire fucking lifetime.

I heard a quote a few days back, saying the exact thing I want to say, quoting, “I don’t care how much weights you lift. If you are a slave to your sexual desires, you are considered weak”. For a long time I did not get this line but now I feel it, what it is like to be weak. What it is like to be considered a loser.

Up until now, I have told nobody this. And I am sure that I will delete this site sooner or later so if I write this nobody would know, and I would have thrown out my anger here.

I have told no one, not even my closest friends, that the business might crumble. MY business might crumble, anytime. This is a story of every business out there, but this time it is different. The whole world has turned its back against me. In the market, nobody wants me to stay because of my talent or passion. They are all jealous, who just consider themself strong while they are nothing in comparison. Everybody is against me, soon the whole world might come crashing down to me, alone. The world, whole world is against me now. Look at the people’s face who are against me. I know many of them, still jealous of me and turning their backs against me. Trust me, these betrayers will never win. I am still devastated, still broken inside with all that’s going on. Still, I started this all alone. There is no reason to make someone come save me, because of course nobody can help in this situation. Broken beyond repair I still go on because I have dreams to chase, not people to impress.

And then She, comes into my dream. After a long long time, she came into my dream, again. I am just so furious right now I want to just smash everyone right now. I have to go to the gym soon to clear up my anger. I am a failure, still in my subconscious is her while I don’t need that stupid bitch. But once in a while, she comes around in my dream which is not a lucid. Overall, the dream was nice, but a dream is a dream. It won’t turn real. Someone said it right, first love cannot be forgotten. Still devastated, you won’t see a thing on my face, because I must act I am all right. That is the way how businessmen live their life.

You can’t see my pain on my face, I have prepared myself so that nobody sees what I go through everyday. Pain is a everyday thing. Devastation is normal. Broken heart is once in a while. Leaving all that, I have dreams to chase. My mother worked too hard for me, and I know what to do in my whole fuckin life. I gotta deal with this all regardless of what I am feeling. I will show them all what it feels like to be a fuckin millionaire moreover a billionaire, in the making in front of their eyes. These bitches ain’t mean shit to me. I don’t give a fuck how unrealistic it seems, I am achieving those all that I have dreamt of.