This blog is everything about BELIEFS. People’s beliefs, specifically. Look outside the window at night. What will you see? Yes, either night lights that illuminate the dark, or complete darkness, all based upon your perception. People’s perception is what makes them. If they have a negative perception they will always thing negative, make people around them toxic. If they have a positive perception, people will love to be around them.

See, its everything about perceptions. Same is my story of a point in life! Yes, welcome to another story of my life, where things would go just wrong anytime if I had quit. This blog is about my perceptions about people, and how they reflect upon me.

I always loved to be around people back in the school. I did not mind if they were wrong or right, since it was school time we had to enjoy with someone. Till an year ago, I loved to be around people who would amuse me or motivate me in any way. That was my perception year ago. I walked around the room, thinking if the people present there would like me. Now, I walk around the room wondering if I like them.

People are just easy to manipulate in this era. One wrong word about somebody and they get manipulated so easily, it’s just so easy to defeat them all! But patience is key… Let them get to your level before you stoop below theirs.

There was a time I was searching people who would motivate me. Someone who would help me in life. I searched, thousands of hours wasted, its not that I didn’t find no one. It was just that I found no one worthwhile my time. And yes, that was the time I stopped looking. And just believe me for this one, the moment I stopped looking was the moment I got surrounded by the people I wanted. Ironic, isn’t it? Well yes indeed it is!

That’s the magic of LIFE! Every point of our lives is a lesson. A lesson God wants you to learn. A lesson which will prepare you for the future! Indeed, I believe there is a magic in life. At one point where you meet the person you were meant to be with, every point will be a magical journey for you! Life is underestimated, yet everybody enjoys the magic but nobody gives credit. It’s just the way it is, people.

And in the end, all I learnt was how to be strong, alone.

Every normal person wants a company to be around them. It is so that they don’t feel lonely at any point. Yes, the company you decide to be with, decides it all. Either they are toxic and demotivate you or they are helpful and motivate you. Its all about company. That’s the normal person’s life. The way I lived that period of time, well it was stressful. I had the powerful urge, a blaze in the soul that I want to be powerful. Alone. That’s the way this shit works, and indeed it did. Now I look at everyone around me, only few people interest me, rest everybody are so below me. Some are easily disturbed, easily angered, easily demotivated, easily manipulated. When it was the time, they chose the easy way and now they are so regretting it.

I refuse to spend my life chasing anything.

If I focus on myself, the things I need will be attracted to me.

If it is meant to be in my life, it will find its way to me.

People fear failure. So much that they are almost so careful in life even in the most random things so that they don’t trip and fall and fail. The thing that nobody understands is that FAILURE is a part of the process. You fear failure as much as I did, before. The moment I failed, it was hell, I agree. The most important part of life is how you take care in that point of time. Either you become a beast or a prey. The hardest and the easiest choices are made then. While others tried to crawl up the hole to escape hell, I chose to walk it. I walked around that hell like I owned the motherfuckin place. It was so fucking hard I can’t even believe I almost did it. But that time, I believed in myself. Others betrayed me, ridiculed me, and even jealous of me because of only I had belief. Now look at them, still crawling their way out while the SATAN motherfucka himself crowned me as a king of hell. That bitch had to. The result was, even if you are hopeless, never stop believing.

In the present time, I have people in my life I want to be with. I have friends equal, those who are wanting to learn from me, those who I want to learn from, and many others if I miss some. Mentors, masters, I have much to learn from them. Compared to them, I am nothing! While I had lasted so much due to only my efforts, I still have ways to go.

I started alone.

I failed alone.

I cried alone.

I picked myself alone.

And I will succeed alone.

Your grind may go unnoticed but your results won’t. I promise you.

No matter how hard the consequences. No matter how many lies you have been through, or how many people ridicule you. Listen up, if you quit right now, everybody who said you couldn’t will prove to be true! You have come so far, its too late to give up now! It’s do or die, depending on how you decide to control the situation! Do it, for the people who wanted to see you fall, for the ones who want to see you win, for the ones whom you started it all!! You don’t need to hear people’s opinions, listen to your inner voice and let life do the rest. Grind for another six months, and then look at the results. I assure you, it will be a sight to see.

I also still have a lot of ways to go, and I did not listen to even a single piece of advice of others. Why should I, a future billionaire, hear an advice from a i20 owner? It’s completely ridiculous, you know!

It’s not that I never get demotivated or depressed. It’s a everyday habit to me. I face these things everyday, and now I feel like it has become a part of me. I do get depressed, I deal with it alone. I do also get demotivated and anxious, I still chose to deal with it alone. Why get other people depressed when you can handle it alone? It’s not like I’m a woman, when I tell anyone my problem I will get help in a thousand ways. I am a man, some people like to call by my original name, while others call me Legendary Baka. Being a man, nobody cares about my mistakes or problems. It is a rule, I will have to fight for it alone. It is a thousand times hard, I still feel like there should be someone here with me, but I still chose not to, because the problem is mine alone. I don’t feel good to share my own problems with others. It’s just the way it is, and it’s life. The one who is meant to be with me shall not look at me weak. She would need a strong and responsible one, so let me one.

I look at the mirror everyday, and in the mirror self, the look in his eyes says ‘Look at you motherfucker. You haven’t given up, yet you still standing next to me. You still got a fight left in you’ he says. And I could almost look at the fire in my eyes, ready for another day. That’s the shit that gets me motivated every day. Though truth be told, girls still get me motivated everyday but well, that ones a secret.

In the end, its you vs you alone. Let’s get that scene into action!

Regret is just a pity viewed from a different angle.

Don’t waste your time for a past you cannot change.

Start working on things you can,