There was a time back in 2020 when I had so much time in my hands I could do almost anything. It was mainly due to lockdown, yes! In this one, I want to share about my past experiences, my regrets and it is gonna be a sad blog since the things I have done could never be fixed… All I could do is write it all down and hold down my regrets a little further.

Okay, so there was a time back in 2020 where I had time. I had two options back then, either I could learn something new, take up a course or put my skills into action in the course, OR I could try something which would be completely new, which no one had ever even thought of. Something which cannot even a normal person think, and something completely (not) legal. That time, when I was broke, depressed, anxiety coming over me and a million things then. It was a hard time I was dealing with because I was just 17, I still had family problems to take care of. Anyway, yes, I am talking about the time which people in my society call the Legendary era. I wasn’t the one who initiated it, but this era is engraved in my memory as the era of the ULTIMATE things happening to me. Yes my people, I am talking about the START OF MY BUSINESS ERA.

Technically I started learning about it in 2018, but did not have much interest back then since I was in school. It was more important. This thought crushed my goals back then. So, come back to 2020, pandemic stroke. Every business in the fuckin world gone from building to dust and ashes left. World economy was hit pretty bad. But it did not affect me, because of my profession I could bring back whatever I wished to, I had THIS much confidence in me. Ahhh, I wish I had that much confidence today too… Regrets…

So I entered the market, and the people there were million levels above me. I was just a beginner and they were like professionals since years. Those people did not demotivate me, yet they so much motivated me to become more like them (this thought was changed later). I wanted to become so much like them and earn millions. I had that burning fire in my soul back then.

I will not prolong this blog since my past and experiences hold no value to anybody, but whatever I am writing here is for my own peace, so who cares. Fast forward to 6 months later, I was one of the big shots in the market. Six months was enough to gain trust and confidence from the people, I acquired it. Sacrifices were made, and this was the time I knew the real pain of SWEAT, BLOOD AND TEARS. I finally realized, just one percent, how my parents worked day and night for me. I had many reasons to continue, NULL reason to quit. 6 months forward, there were only three big shots in the market. And these big shots were the only one who gained customers to buy things from them.

Three people, namely, Legendary Baka, Titan Hacks and Cyber Hunter. Of course, these are all aliases. This person, Cyber Hunter, he was the biggest one. He had his own fuckin site and a huge base of customers on his side. Only thing is that he was not the one with good attitude. I didn’t feel good while dealing with him, so I quit him. This is one of my regrets, because in business you don’t bring personal feelings in between. I am such a failure. Really… I realize it from time to time.

The other, namely Titan Hacks, was a good one. I dealt with him, we had huge dealings together, and fun part was he was the same age as me, just not in the same city. He was a great friend, a great dealer and businessman. He had a huge customer base as well, and I took advantage of that and make him give his orders only to me. Yes, I was clumsy because the only thing that forces to convert people is MONEY. I realized it soon enough to realize this.

My biggest regret is that back when we were dealing, I was jealous. I was jealous of him that he was attracting such a huge base of customers that I was getting half of them in comparison. And then, I did such a thing I regret to this day. A failure thing to do. I tried to take off his customers to get them to buy from me. He was such a great person that he gave most of his orders back to me, and I was the one who tore off his customers. It did no good to me because of tons of reasons. I should not have done this to him, and he was pissed of course. The biggest regret I take up to now is that I still haven’t apologized to him for what I had done… He called me constantly but I was afraid and scared of the part. I was a coward. Still am. But the part of redemption is yet to come.

Now after that, we both had colleges to attend to. He travelled to Bangalore for his studies, while I got my own college in my hometown. After a whole year, while I was still having regrets he messaged me, asking to get back together. To restart the business, to fix everything we both destroyed and restart everything. That man was like a brother to me, and still have regrets lingering next to me. So, we restarted everything. Business had thousands of problems so we had to repress it for some time due to our exams and everything. I agreed, we rebuilt everything. Of course, breaking down is a part of a process. But sometimes, we have to rebuild ourselves in order to become even stronger and sturdier than before!

Fast forward to present, we are still dealing with each other, Cyber Hunter has his own empire to take care of, It will take time for me to get there but eventually, I will fuckin pass him and become the god myself. Titan and me are dealing, joint business and still the kings in rule. I still have regrets, to repress them here in this blog feels like the right thing to do anyway. Who would even care, because no third person will help me to fight this shit. Let’s move on with our lives and get it.